Spring is in the air and warmer temps are approaching! It’s time to liven things up and brighten your mood with spring colors that will uplift your spirits. The spring colors I listed below will keep you looking bright & beautiful as you bask in the newness of spring. No more winter blues...Hello Joy, Positivity, and Enlightenment!

Golden Yellow

Remember Beyonce in her “Hold Up” video. She was all-powerful in her golden yellow dress and guess what, sis? You can harness that power too! When wearing yellow, you’ll be able to bring your own sunshine into every room you enter. Rock a golden yellow ensemble when you want to experience clarity, freshness, optimism, and enlightenment. Who doesn’t need all of these #moods in their lives?  

Blazer, Pants, Blouse, & Shoes: Zara


Orange speaks to your inner joy, expands your creativity, warmth, sexuality, freedom, and fascination. I’m thinking this is the perfect color for date night! What about you?

2019 Spring color trends

Jacket & Dress: Zara


I had a lot of fun rocking this magenta dress. Wear magenta when you want to manifest self-respect, compassion, and universal love.

2019 Spring color trends

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Vince Camuto

Emerald Green

Need a positive change in your life? Emerald green is the perfect spring color for vitality, freshness, patience, pure exuberance, new beginnings, and soothing energy. I especially like green because it makes me feel overjoyed.

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Aldo

Electric Blue

When you’re ready to dive deep into a relationship wear electric blue. This bold hue inspires depth, faith, peace, confidence, and stability. All the things you want to desire in your next relationship.

2019 Spring color trends

Motorcross Jacket & Dress: Banana Republic, Shoes: Aldo

Have fun this spring picking out colors that reflect your current mood!  Pick out colors that look amazing on you and lifts your spirits.

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