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How to Keep it Hot this Fall and Winter

Hey, sis! Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut this fall and winter! Just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck wearing sweaters and Uggs. I have five style ideas to help you become a style icon in your own right.

Leopard Print

This has been an amazing year for animal prints! From Spring to Fall/Winter, this trend just keeps going throughout the year.  Rocking an animal print brings out the fierceness and boldness in your personality. Spice up a drab fall/winter wardrobe, by wearing leopard print this season.  For added detail, simply tie up your button-up shirts to show some skin. When you’re feeling the winter blues, throw on some shades to lighten up the mood.

Top & Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing

Neon Colors and Jewel Tones

This fall and winter we’re experimenting more with color!  You can tell from my previous blog posts that I’m into pops of color and...yes, I love them year-round! I also love to show a little leg, weather permitting. Have fun mixing your jewel tones with neon accessories and shoes to add some pop to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Dress: Vintage

Belt: Lula B’s Dallas

Shoes: Kat Maconie


2019 Fall and Winter Trends

It’s date night!  How are you showing up? Make a grand entrance by showing up in a sexy, satin dress.  Keep your date’s attention all night by wearing an emerald green dress and push the envelope with these sexy snakeskin boots. 

Dress: Shein

Shoes: Schutz

Moody Florals

Who needs to put away the florals in fall? Not us. Hot girl summer may be over but we’re still hot and colorful over here. When bae hasn’t called you in a minute and you’re all in your feelings, let your wardrobe reflect how you really feel by wearing a dark, floral pattern to express your mood. If the weather is a little warmer than usual, pull out your open-toe heels instead of your boots. It’s that time of the season to boldly step into fall with the uniqueness and Black Girl Magic everyone craves. 

Dress: Vintage

Bag: Pretty Little Thing

Shoes: Sam Edelman 

Comfy Outerwear

Baby it’s cold outside! But, does that mean you can’t be sexy? Absolutely not. You can still wear  a comfortable, puffer jacket and tease your bae with how you button (or unbutton) your coat. Pair it with stiletto boots, a chic pair of shades, and’ve just created a sexy vibe in a jacket reserved for comfort! You’ll be killing the game with minimal effort.

Jacket: Uniqlo

Boots: Schutz

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Three Sandals You’ll Want to Wear Before Summer is Over!

I hope your summer has been great and full of love, excitement, and summer flings. I’ve been busy with a mix of business and pleasure. I’ve also been staying cool and sexy this summer with a new big chop! They say a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life and I wholeheartedly agree. I'm also excited about changing last year’s sandals for some new and exciting styles.

For me, three things matter when I'm completing a look for my clients and making sure they have the perfect pair of sandals: quality, versatility, and making sure they match their personal style. I want to share with you three sandals you'll want to wear before this Hot Girl Summer is over!

The Woven Sandal

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Level Up your Summer Style with Eye-Poppin’ Prints

When the sun's out and you're ready to hit the park, museum, restaurant, festival, or beach, it can be easy to just throw on an old sundress and call it a day. However, once you get out there, you're going to wish you had put in just a little more effort.

Don't worry -- and don't start sweating just yet! With the right planning, preparation, and a little professional input, you'll find it can be just as easy to put together a truly stunning summer wardrobe. Up your game with these five, fiery takes on some of the summer's hottest prints!

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When your Vacation Turns into a Baecation

One of the biggest vacation holidays, Memorial Day weekend, is coming up in a few days!  The deadline to get all packed up for the trip is fastly approaching and now you and bae need to carefully plan your trip together.  Aside from making sure your hotel and flight plans are in order, you now have the task to put together some outfits that coordinate with each other. And, why not? When you step out on your Baecation with your significant other, you want everyone to know that you two are a couple.

Picking and planning your outfits can be a challenging task especially when you're going on a vacation and you have a limited amount of luggage space.  You need to make sure you and bae pack enough outfits for all the different places you’ll be visiting on your trip. It can easily get overwhelming!

Whether you're planning on doing some sight-seeing, going to a formal dinner, or checking out the party scene. I’ve got you covered with some options to make your next Baecation a breeze.

Trendy and Comfortable Looks for Traveling

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Five Dresses That Make You Feel Like Spring

It's spring and the outdoors are calling! This means lounging on the patios of local restaurants with friends, hanging out at barbecues, and outdoor parties. This season, take inspiration from the fresh colors and patterns of spring. Think about soft fabrics, romantic colors, florals, and maxi dresses. Here are five dresses that will raise your social profile and make you feel like spring!

Romantic Pink

Spring is the perfect time to start bringing out the soft colors of the season! After wearing heavy, puffy coats and boots, you'll be able to bloom alongside the flowers in soft colors that compliment the nature around you. Pair a romantic pink dress with dainty accessories and you'll be feeling just as bright and fresh as the season.

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Spring Colors to Brighten up Your Mood

Spring is in the air and warmer temps are approaching! It’s time to liven things up and brighten your mood with spring colors that will uplift your spirits. The spring colors I listed below will keep you looking bright & beautiful as you bask in the newness of spring. No more winter blues...Hello Joy, Positivity, and Enlightenment!

Golden Yellow

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Five HOT Spring/Summer 2019 Trends and How to Wear Them

We are well into Spring and I’m ready to dish about the 2019 spring/summer trends. As the newness of Spring takes over, it's time to update your wardrobe with the latest styles that will be trending in spring and summer. Whether you're heading to beach, meeting up with friends, or attending a posh event, I've got you covered with five trends you'll want to rock this season. Let’s dive right in!

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Fun and Sophisticated Ways to Incorporate the Fall 2018 Trends into Your Wardrobe

Pop Color of the Fall Season: Magenta

Step into the Holiday Season like a boss by adding a pop of color to your Fall/Winter wardrobe with the hottest color of the season, MAGENTA!  It’s a seasonal color trend that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.

When getting dressed for work, add a pop of color to your outfit with a magenta blazer.  Accessorize the look with an on-trend belt bag to further enhance the look.

  • Blazer: Topshop
  • Belt Bag: Marc Jacobs
  • Pants: Cotton On
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman

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